Corporate culture
Corporate culture refers to the total shared value, faith, idea and behavior model of all the employees in a company. It is a general term for corporate ethos, corporate features and corporate spirits and serves as a drive for the sustainable development of a company.

  Meccan emphasizes the construction of corporate culture and tries to transmit the corporate value and management idea to the employees in a imperceptible way in order to build an employee team with high cohesion and integrity. It is the working enthusiasm and creativity of all Mecan Kane employees that provides a perpetual stimulus for the development of the company.

Team first and individual second:

Proper delegation, responsibility first; stimulating working enthusiasm and potential, anticipating individual success; focusing on collective outstanding, sharing management achievement.

Common development of the company and the employees:

Let the employees development their cause and plan their future with the sight of an operator.

Pragmatic style:

Wholehearted devotion; seeking common ground on major questions while reserving differences on minor ones; earnest practice and collective process.

Management by objectives and planning management

With visionary objectives, with complete and detailed plan and with steady and active management strategy.

Operating pragmatics and ingeniously
Many routes can lead to success, but pragmatic and ingenious operation lies in everyone of them.

We believe that a strong corporate culture can stimulate the working enthusiasm for the company. It can not only integrate the strength of the employees to exert the potential of the company, but also enable them to improve themselves and others and glitter in future works!